Tips for Getting Used to Dentures

Dental problems are always challenging, but the need for dentures and the early stages of wearing dentures can be particularly painful for some people.

Dental problems are always challenging, but the need for dentures and the early stages of wearing dentures can be particularly painful for some people. In some cases, the initial pain simply subsides as the individual gets used to the dentures but for others, the problems go far deeper and the pain never seems to go away. This could be a variety of reasons, some of which we hope to address here today.

Be Patient

It is important to realize you are putting a foreign object in your mouth for the first time. For anyone that had braces at an early age, they will already be familiar with the discomfort this can create. In most cases, this pain will not go on forever, as you will eventually get used to the dentures and they will become more comfortable over time.

Something that can be done during these early stages is additional visits to your dentist. He or she may be able to adjust the dentures as well as provide some temporary pain relief.

Additionally, you may want to give yourself a break from the dentures throughout the day. If you can take them out once or twice a day to give your mouth a break, it could help.

For many, the actual act of eating is where they experience the most pain. A mistake made during this time for some people is that they tend to go with softer, less nutritious foods simply to avoid the discomfort. Try eating smaller portions of these harder foods until you get used to eating with your dentures. Additionally, if you are going to avoid crispy foods that are nutritious, such as fresh asparagus, considering a different cooking preparation or a soft substitute that is equally as nutritious, such as spinach.

Learning How to Talk Again

New dentures can sometimes lead to speech problems. The Speech Buddy blog recommends singing as a form of speech therapy, so this is something you may want to try. This is not anything that needs to be “organized,” just sing along with the songs on the radio during your drive to work or when you are just sitting at home with the radio on. Over time, the dentures will feel like less of a hindrance when you are trying to articulate.

Use Different Adhesives

In some cases, the problem is just the adhesive being used. If the adhesive is not holding the dentures in place properly, they can slip, causing both speech problems and pain while eating. Again, though, if your dentures are slipping, it may be because they are not properly fitted, so be sure to visit the dentist to ensure this is not the case.

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