The Impact of Sugary Drinks on Teeth

Now that the warmer weather is saturating the country, the consumption of sugary drinks is going to escalate considerably.

Now that the warmer weather is saturating the country, the consumption of sugary drinks is going to escalate considerably. Be it sweet tea or a sports drink or soda pop, people will be tossing them down to quench their thirst and battle the heat. With each sip, though, depending on the type of drink being consumed, you could be doing considerable damage to your teeth.

Sure, it may take some time to come to fruition, but all that sugar will take a toll.

Defining ‘Sugary’ Drinks

It is very important to make note that even some drinks deemed healthy can actually do damage if the proper oral hygiene regimen is not in place. In this particular category, fruit drinks come to mind. Drinks like orange juice, cranberry juice, and smoothies fall into this category. While they may be “healthy” drinks, they also happen to be loaded with sugars.

The Damage

Whenever you toss down one of these sugar-packed drinks, you are unleashing the sugar on your teeth. While you may believe you have swallowed every ounce of the drink, rest assured, remnants of it are left behind on the surface of the tooth. When this happens, the bacteria in your mouth meant to consume the sugar are also doing damage to the surface of the tooth, eating away at the enamel. Eventually, that enamel gets weaker and we see the beginnings of a cavity forming.

Avoiding the Damage of Sugary Drinks

The obvious answer here is to cut out sugary drinks altogether, but that is not realistic, especially for health enthusiasts and athletes. For many people, those sugary drinks are the difference in completing the long run or ride and bonking out. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to minimize the damage done and keep the risk of cavities to a minimum.

Today, there are several options for rinsing your mouth on the go. Listerine is now selling “portable” chews that can be used. When you are really in a crunch, simply take some water and swish it around in your mouth to get as much of the sugar off your teeth and out of your mouth as possible. For athletes, simply carry an extra bottle filled with water and sip that after sipping on your sports drink.

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