Dental Implants

At Hallmark Dental, we are happy to share with our patients the popular and effective solution of dental implants. Whether you have lost one tooth, a few, or all of your teeth, this may be the perfect treatment for you to restore your natural smile to its brilliant beauty. It does not matter how you lost the teeth. This is a permanent solution that can restore your smile and practical function for the remainder of your life!

The Benefits

If a patient has lost a tooth or several teeth, the bone structure where the teeth are missing is always in danger of deteriorating. When implants are placed in those areas, not only do they greatly improve a smile, but they also strengthen the bone structure and remaining natural teeth in that area.

The Process

The placement of dental implants involves three steps. In the first step, the dentist will take x-rays and make impressions of your teeth and jawbone structure. Your dentist will then analyze the condition of your gum tissue and bone structure. Once your dentist has concluded their diagnosis, they will then create a customized treatment plan that will fit all your specific needs.

The actual treatment is begun by placing a titanium rod into your jawbone. After this surgery, a healing time is required that often lasts for eight to twelve weeks. Once your dentist has determined that the gums are sufficiently healed, they will attach the artificial teeth to the posts that they surgically implanted.

The complete length of time needed to carry out the whole dental implant process will vary from patient to patient. Regardless, our team will make sure that each step of the process is thorough and effective. 

When all options are compared, no tooth replacement treatment is more natural-looking or stronger than dental implants. To determine whether or not you’re a candidate for dental implants, contact our office to schedule a consultation. If you live in the Salem, MA area, call today!

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