How to Find the Best Dentist Near You

Moving to a new city is hard enough, but if you are moving to an entirely different state altogether, the adjustment period might feel like it will never end.

Moving to a new city is hard enough, but if you are moving to an entirely different state altogether, the adjustment period might feel like it will never end. You might love everything about Massachusetts, but completely reconfiguring your life can be daunting, even for things seemingly as small as finding the right dentist. You know you want someone qualified, someone who will provide comprehensive dental services, and someone who will see you as more than just a number. You are likely thinking, “Is there someone close by who has everything I want from my dentist?” Hopefully, you will have an easier time after considering the following points.

Experience and Qualifications

It is always smart to check out how long a dental professional has been practicing, the number of professional associations they have affiliated themselves with, and, for extra clarification, the university or college your prospect chose for their dental school. In addition to the length of time your potential dentist has been operating, it is also wise to ask how much experience they have with each aspect of dentistry and how long they’ve performed in those various areas.

Patient Reviews

When choosing a new dentist, especially in an area you have just moved to, it is an absolute necessity that you check online reviews and ratings to get a better understanding of how patients like you feel about the practice and what they have experienced sitting in the chair. You can find out about the level of professionalism and kindness from the staff, how cleaned up the office is, and, perhaps most importantly, whether the office’s priority is simply getting bills paid or making sure their patients receive quality dental care.

Offered Services

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but you should be sure the dental professional you choose offers the kind of services you want and need—whether it is just general check-ups and cleanings, children’s dentistry, or something more complicated like restorative dentistry or Invisalign. Since dental care will be a part of our lives until the very end, building strong relationships with patients is important to us at Hallmark Dental. You may not need a dental implant today, but the future could very well call for one, and, at the very least, the option is available for older family members. We are proud to provide the full scope of dental services for all patients—from seniors to kids to everybody in between.


We know it can be frustrating to fight traffic anywhere, especially if the dentist you are driving to is out of the way. Fortunately, Hallmark Dental has three convenient locations in Danvers, Salem, and Leominster, and you can always make an appointment at a time that’s most convenient for you. We can’t wait to meet you, so fill out our contact form and our office will be in touch with you ASAP.

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