Encourage Healthy Eating Habits to Promote Children’s Oral Health

The word “healthy” and “children” do not naturally go together. We don’t say this from a parenting perspective, but rather the naturally ingrained personality of children.

The word “healthy” and “children” do not naturally go together. We don’t say this from a parenting perspective, but rather the naturally ingrained personality of children. They like sweet things. They have no fear. They like to push the envelope in just about every aspect of their lives simply because they are curious.

If we allowed them to, they would ride their bike with no hands across the railing of a bridge while holding a soda in one hand and an ice cream cone in the other. Point being, we need to provide guidance to our children to lead them down a healthier path from the one they would choose on their own. The challenge, of course, is that kids don’t like to do anything that is not “fun,” so we have to make healthy, look, sound, taste, and be fun!

Let the Kids Help in the Kitchen

If a child helps make something, he or she is more likely to eat it, even if it is healthy. While we are not recommending the kids work the stove, there is nothing wrong with getting them to help mixing ingredients, spreading the peanut butter, or opening up some bags for Mom or Dad. Simply put, get the kids involved in making their meals.

Dip It!

Even adults like to dip their food, so imagine the joy of a child dunking his or her food into something that will make the food even tastier! The challenge for you is going to be to find healthy dips the children enjoy eating. Think out of the box here, too, as it does not have to be something you would consider to be a traditional dip.

Smaller Portions, Especially with “Unhealthier” Foods

We are using the term “unhealthy,” but what we really mean is sweeter or sugary foods. Even foods that may be considered healthy, but not so when consumed in large quantities. For instance, a banana with peanut butter or an apple with honey. In small doses, these can still be nutritional snacks, but you cannot allow the child to eat until they are no longer hungry. Remember, it is just a snack, so keep the portions small.

Be Prepared

One of the biggest problems parents face is when their children are hungry and they are not home. This can happen while shopping or on longer trips. Knowing the kids are going to ask for a snack about 10 minutes after you start driving, keep healthy snacks at the ready whenever you leave the house. Fresh fruit is always a great idea because it can be held at room temperature and not spoil. Something like an orange will not only feed them, but it will also keep them occupied peeling it, taking up even more time!

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